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A riveting story of a young Latino who gets caught up in an attempted murder rap of two gang members and his struggle to defeat rivaling East LA gang members that fingered him.


"Paula McColm's breakout novella, Rival Street Gangs Versus The Accused, is an extraordinary literary achievement that demonstrates her skillful and creative writing abilities. Her book provides a unique, insightful perspective on Latino gangs and their impact on their community and the legal judicial system. Ms. McColm's characters are engaging and genuinely reflective of the Latino gang lifestyle. It is a must-read for any avid reader."

Fiction Writer of the published book, The Wanderings Of An Ant


Romance Book Also by Paula McColm

A Double Take On Womanhood is a fictional romantic comedy that involves three young, ambitious women who are successful in their professions. They become connected with each other after arriving at the realization that their luck sucks when it comes to achieving long-lasting interpersonal relationships with potential suitors. Dissatisfaction with their experiences in the dating scene of Southern California has led them to another approach in finding love and fulfillment in their lives.


Events & Updates

Book Signings 2023

Page Against The Machine Bookstore
2714 E. 4th Street in Long Beach CA
Book Signing Event For My Novel A Double Take On Womanhood
on Friday, April 28th from 6-9:00 pm